Neal Wiser (@nealwiser) wrote a fantastic article titled “How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class” and considering that I myself have landed in hot water more than once for unfollowing one person or another it may be time to remind the Twitterverse that when or if someone unfollows you it is for their own reasons. The action of unfollowing can be done many ways but I personally choose not to make a show out of it and just leave it be. Perhaps it’s because I would not take it personally were someone to unfollow me because I understand that it is an open forum and not everyone will like or agree with what I have to say and I would hate for anyone to feel they HAVE to follow me to spare my feelings.

I suggest reading “How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class” to perhaps help gain the understanding that to unfollow someone is a choice we all have and should never be afraid to exercise in fear of adverse reactions. I’ve included the most important part of the post below…the steps to unfollow with class:

How To Unfollow With Class

So, you need to unfollow a large number, if not all, of those whom you are following. Here’s how you do it, with class.

  1. Establish a Following Policy.
    All you need is a simple statement of why you will, or will not, follow someone. While some feel any policy is too much, I’ve found having a Following Policy allows me to both clarify what I want to get out of the relationship and allows me to set some “ground rules.” I’ve written previously about establishing a Following Policy here on Twitip. Also, you can use my personal Following Policy as an example.
  2. Ask yourself why you are cutting yourself off from your Followers.
    Following is a relationship with a real person, especially if that person follows you back. As such, you should have a good reason for unfollowing because you are cutting yourself off. While that person can still reach you through “@” messages, you will miss everything else they tweet.
  3. Know the risks.
    Beware; some people may think less of you and even think that you aren’t organized enough to handle something as simple as following. This could even hurt your career if someone you unfollow is a coworker, client, etc.
  4. Decide how deep you want to cut.
    Do you want to cut out everyone, or just select groups of people? Try trimming first before going nuclear.
  5. Decide whom to tell.
    While you should tell everyone, there are several tiers of people you must make sure to tell.
  • Your Closest Followers
  • Your Friends & Family
  • Your Co-workers & Clients
  • Your Fans
  1. Clearly explain why you are unfollowing.
    Keep things in perspective. You are not breaking up with a “significant other.” The best notifications are short and to the point, unlike this post :) . However, it’s still a relationship and a clear message shows that you respect your followers and reduces the chance that you will damage that relationship. Just realize that some Followers will be offended no matter what you do. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality.
  2. Decide which Channels you want to use for notifications.
    If you are unfollowing from a specific platform, notify people on that platform. Writing on someone’s Facebook wall that you’re unfollowing them in Twitter will only cause confusion (and may make you look stupid). You can also send an email to specific, important followers such as an employer, client or family member. But remember, whatever channel you choose, don’t assume that everyone will see the notification. Expect that most won’t.