There are many fans of various Twitter clients but HootSuite seems to be a very clear choice for many Social Media/Marketing professionals. A good portion of “Tweeting” is done on the fly and those of us that are iPhone users may (or may not) have been utilizing the new HootSuite iPhone application.

The current functionality does allow the user to copy a URL from Safari then paste it into a tweet and use the shrinking button to shrink the URL so it can be tracked using Hootsuite; what it does not provide is a Safari bookmarklet for easier URL shortening straight from the iPhone’s browser. I have figured out a way to do just that and would love to share the process for those interested. There are a few steps and it’s really not overly complicated.

1) Make sure you have added Hootsuite’s “Hootlet” to your browser of choice on your PC, laptop, etc. & make sure you are logged into HootSuite.

2) Once added, right click the “Hootlet” and from the menu choose Properties.

3) You will see in the Location field the address used for the Hootlet. Copy the entire string and email it to yourself so you can access it from your iPhone.

4) Open the email with the java string from your iPhone and copy the entire address then open Safari. From Safari, open HootSuite’s homepage.

5) Bookmark the page (this will only be a placekeeper)

6) After you have added the HootSuite bookmark choose “Edit” from the Safari bookmark menu. Change the Bookmarklet name to “Hootlet” (to avoid confusion), delete the current URL and paste the java string you copied previously into the address line. Tap Done to save.

At this point the bookmarklet is complete so let’s test it:

1) Open a new page in Safari on your iPhone and navigate to any site you’d like.

2) From the site you navigated to, tap the bookmark icon in Safari and choose your newly created “Hootlet”

3) This will open a new page (you may need to log in the first time using your HootSuite credentials) that looks just like the typical “Hootlet” “Create New Message” window.

4) Make any adjustments you want, choose the social network to update and send.

This will allow the iPhone users of Hootsuite to streamline the entire process of posting from Safari.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!