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Patrick J Clayton Productions, founded in 2007 by Patrick Clayton, is a full-service event design and production company that brings a sophisticated touch and flawless execution to special events, promotional launches, and trade shows.

Alison Brod PR Showroom for Market Week

Alison Brod PR Showroom for Market Week

With experience in retail and interior design, visual merchandising and product marketing, Patrick blends art with commerce by incorporating luxury and design trends into his event production services.

Patrick J. Clayton

Patrick J. Clayton

Having spent ten years in the luxury fashion and lifestyle industries, Patrick Clayton is able to seamlessly integrate his outstanding creative vision with a brand’s own aesthetic sensibility. His experience creating innovative events with leaders in the industry, to up-and-coming brands, gives him the flexibility to draw on a vast number of resources to meet almost any budget. Patrick and his team provide cutting-edge visual solutions that excite the senses and infuse environments with a classic yet modern look. With experience in wholesale, retail, and event planning, Patrick has developed comprehensive creative programs for a diverse clientele – from themed interiors to attention grabbing retail concepts and merchandising displays.  Prior to starting Patrick J Clayton Productions, Patrick handled merchandising and visual direction for Lacoste, event planning for Robert Verdi, Inc, and merchandising and events at Gap, Express and JCPenney. He also teaches Fashion Show Production and Event Planning I and II at The Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC. Patrick has a vast background in event planning and merchandising stemming from a family history of home design, retail management and entertaining.

From parties and product launches to fashion shows and weddings, Patrick has the solution.

For more information on Patrick J. Clayton LLC:

Alison Brod PR Showroom for Market Week

Alison Brod PR Showroom for Market Week

Office Address:
171 West 23rd Street #2B
New York, NY 10011




You don’t have to use Twitter to know what it is. You may not necessarily understand how it works, but to at least have a basic knowledge of it’s function. In January 2010 nearly 75,000,000 people worldwide visited Twitter.com. These numbers, per comScore account for 1,100% growth in a year. In other words multiplying yourself eleven times in twelve months; I would consider that expansive growth.

The United States makes up one-third of the Twitter user base at around 23,500,000 visitors. These numbers are for those individuals visiting and making use of Twitter.com alone. When you add in all the tweets from the various clients there are about 50 million tweets sent a day.

How does this relate to business one might ask. My focus, being that I generally write on nightlife and entertainment, is on bars, clubs and restaurants. If your establishment does not have a Twitter account…GET ONE! That’s the first step, which it seems a good number of establishments do. Once you have your account set up, use it; tweet daily and tweet often. Many businesses have a dedicated person employed simply to handle their Twitter account/Facebook page(s). This is free advertising and the name of the game is brand recognition.

As a nightlife establishment, getting your events, specials, etc out to your key demographic is paramount. Plus, out of town visitors will access the feed also and will drive your numbers. A key aspect to this equation is employ an individual who is not only familiar with social media but knows all the tricks to utilizing it. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare are the tools that can be mastered to bring the bodies and help make an establishment more successful (plus they are all free).