RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – For about three decades, Fielden’s has been a place where members of the gay community in Richmond have felt accepted. But this past Saturday, several people were kicked out for reasons they don’t understand.

“They were telling people it was straight night,” said club-goer, Josh Lewis. “I heard they were telling guys who were kissing that they could not display affection. I heard them go up to 2 guys that were dancing that they could not do that here.”

Lewis was one of the handful of people who was kicked out of Fielden’s Saturday night. The club had just reopened under new management and people had come out to celebrate. They are outraged by how they say they were treated by the club’s bouncers.

“It makes me angry and very hurt because everyone seems to work so hard to try and get along, to gain acceptance, to get past the stigmas and the stereotypes, but I feel like we just took a big step back,” said Lewis’ friend Brandy Wilson.

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