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You don’t have to use Twitter to know what it is. You may not necessarily understand how it works, but to at least have a basic knowledge of it’s function. In January 2010 nearly 75,000,000 people worldwide visited Twitter.com. These numbers, per comScore account for 1,100% growth in a year. In other words multiplying yourself eleven times in twelve months; I would consider that expansive growth.

The United States makes up one-third of the Twitter user base at around 23,500,000 visitors. These numbers are for those individuals visiting and making use of Twitter.com alone. When you add in all the tweets from the various clients there are about 50 million tweets sent a day.

How does this relate to business one might ask. My focus, being that I generally write on nightlife and entertainment, is on bars, clubs and restaurants. If your establishment does not have a Twitter account…GET ONE! That’s the first step, which it seems a good number of establishments do. Once you have your account set up, use it; tweet daily and tweet often. Many businesses have a dedicated person employed simply to handle their Twitter account/Facebook page(s). This is free advertising and the name of the game is brand recognition.

As a nightlife establishment, getting your events, specials, etc out to your key demographic is paramount. Plus, out of town visitors will access the feed also and will drive your numbers. A key aspect to this equation is employ an individual who is not only familiar with social media but knows all the tricks to utilizing it. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare are the tools that can be mastered to bring the bodies and help make an establishment more successful (plus they are all free).

DJ Drew G at the Nightlife Helm

photo by Lander/DiLuzio

photo by Lander/DiLuzio

DJ Drew G is no stranger to the nightlife scene; you could say he always knew he was destined to spin. Being born into a musically inclined family, Drew learned to master an astounding 10 instruments as a youth. By the age of 18, Drew had already released five albums and had produced several others all leading to his first gig in New York City, Friday Nights at Stonewall. It didn’t take long for Drew to be accepted as a true professional as he also showcased his business savvy and love for the industry working as an intern at Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69.

What Drew does best is read his crowd and understands exactly what is expected of him. Each of Drew’s sets are a mix of current chart-topping hits, classics, rare imports and several of his own unreleased mixes. With such a varied cross-section of music Drew has been a resident DJ at bars, clubs, and events from one side of the spectrum to the other such as New York’s G and HK Lounge to GYM Sportsbar and The Eagle. To boot, he is also the youngest DJ to ever play the famed Black Party and The Roxy.

There is a drive that is very evident to anyone attending a set with Drew behind the tables. The initial push to succeed came due to “people telling me I’d never make it, so it goes to show when you do what you love you will succeed.” With his biggest musical influence being Eddie Van Halen it’s not hard to see why Drew was a guitarist in a metal band before becoming a DJ.

Drew is easily making his D.C. presence known by playing at some of the favorite nightlife spots and events DC has to offer.  Drew firmly believes that the club scene in DC is “very alive because there are three big room clubs which is just amazing”. This has been very evident due to the ever increasing appearances Drew has made at Cobalt, EFN Lounge, and Halo just to name a few.

When asked about what he sees as the most promising events in D.C. at the moment, Drew very quickly responded by acknowledging Dylan Davis and Jacob Nathaniel Pring. “Dylan really surprised me with what an amazing job he did making Pandemonium what it is” Drew said in regard to the monthly event held at Cobalt. “On the darker side of Promotions, Jacob Pring is doing a really good job with CODE in DC at EFN Lounge/Motley Bar. It’s nice see the fellow fetish enthusiasts now have a place to go in the Logan/Dupont area.”

Drew’s favorite event to play is “Gay Days” at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Va. Accompanied by a group of friends which only adds to the “insane energy” of the event, Drew premiered the “Don’t Stop Believin” mix there which generated “the most amazing crowd response ever. Just imagine 2500 people singing along to your remix. I just had this rush inside.” It’s no surprise to anyone who has been to a venue with Drew at the helm that he thoroughly enjoys what he does and feeds off the response from all in attendance.

The nightlife scene is subject to the whims of the style-makers; ever changing and always full of options. When asked about his thoughts on the evolution of nightlife, “I think the scene is getting better as we speak” he stated. “Online dating/hookup sites did a great job killing the scene and I think the people are finally kind of over it. We’re starting to go out more and be social in person and that’s how it was meant to be.”

There is a growing climate of new event promoters in D.C. which are quickly changing the landscape of nightlife options. When asked what advice he would give to a new, up and coming DJ, Drew stated with great passion that any DJ must be ready because “getting gigs is like pulling teeth. Clubs often tell me I’m not established enough, and I’ve produced major label artists and did an album for Mya. It is a hard business. Most important though is to play what you love and develop your own style; no one wants to hear the same stuff at every venue. I kind of think that’s why I’m so successful, I play what my crowd wants to hear”

It could easily be said that DJ Drew G is going to have a long successful career in front of him. There are already several appearances scheduled in the DC area in the next several months so be sure to keep your eyes on this incredible talent. For more information on DJ Drew G, such as obtaining his sets, playdates and mailing list check out djdrewg.com