Former child actor, Bug Hall, played Alfalfa in  “The Little Rascals” movie which was an update of the classic 1929-1938 shorts the “Our Gang Comedies”. Hall is now quite grown and apparently posting quite naked self pics on the internets! What would Darla say!

Keep in mind the pics are very NSFW!

OMG Blog came across Hall’s spread and subsequently shared them with the rest of us.

Oh, that little rascal! No, really, a Little Rascal! Bug Hall played Alfalfa in The Little Rascals move, which I did not see, and now, according to a tipster, he’s all grown up, pierced, shorn and tattooed, and putting his extremely nude pictures all over a very skanky, NSFW personals site called XPeeps.

The pictures are after the jump. Unfortunately, I don’t really recognize Bug without his famous cowlick, so I’ll need some readers to verify that this is really him. His Xpeeps profile is here, but you can’t access most of his pictures unless you sign up, which I’m not about to do.

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