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Kellan Lutz-Interview Magazine

Kellan Lutz-Interview Magazine

Take a look behind the scenes of Interview Magazine’s April shoot with Kellan Lutz. Conversations between some of the most creative minds from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment.

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There are many fans of various Twitter clients but HootSuite seems to be a very clear choice for many Social Media/Marketing professionals. A good portion of “Tweeting” is done on the fly and those of us that are iPhone users may (or may not) have been utilizing the new HootSuite iPhone application.

The current functionality does allow the user to copy a URL from Safari then paste it into a tweet and use the shrinking button to shrink the URL so it can be tracked using Hootsuite; what it does not provide is a Safari bookmarklet for easier URL shortening straight from the iPhone’s browser. I have figured out a way to do just that and would love to share the process for those interested. There are a few steps and it’s really not overly complicated.

1) Make sure you have added Hootsuite’s “Hootlet” to your browser of choice on your PC, laptop, etc. & make sure you are logged into HootSuite.

2) Once added, right click the “Hootlet” and from the menu choose Properties.

3) You will see in the Location field the address used for the Hootlet. Copy the entire string and email it to yourself so you can access it from your iPhone.

4) Open the email with the java string from your iPhone and copy the entire address then open Safari. From Safari, open HootSuite’s homepage.

5) Bookmark the page (this will only be a placekeeper)

6) After you have added the HootSuite bookmark choose “Edit” from the Safari bookmark menu. Change the Bookmarklet name to “Hootlet” (to avoid confusion), delete the current URL and paste the java string you copied previously into the address line. Tap Done to save.

At this point the bookmarklet is complete so let’s test it:

1) Open a new page in Safari on your iPhone and navigate to any site you’d like.

2) From the site you navigated to, tap the bookmark icon in Safari and choose your newly created “Hootlet”

3) This will open a new page (you may need to log in the first time using your HootSuite credentials) that looks just like the typical “Hootlet” “Create New Message” window.

4) Make any adjustments you want, choose the social network to update and send.

This will allow the iPhone users of Hootsuite to streamline the entire process of posting from Safari.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Call To Action

Wednesday, February 3 and

Thursday, February 4, 2010

  • Protest Uganda’s Pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill

(and the American religious right encouraging it)

  • Demand the Entire Ugandan Delegation be Dropped from

The Family’s National Prayer Breakfast

  • Quell Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Movement By

Limiting U.S. Government Financial Aid

  • Require U.S. Asylum for LGBTQ Ugandans

  • Challenge The Family and National Prayer Breakfast Participants To Live Up To The Christian Ideals
    They Espouse

A Call To Action

A Call To Action

Join Full Equality Now DC on February 3-4, 2010, to protest the American-encouraged Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being crafted in the Ugandan Parliament that calls for death sentences for AIDS victims as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender citizens.

This repressive bill is the culmination of the work of a secretive “christianist” cult known as “The Family” that oversees questionable and unsanctioned political and business dealings with the highest echelons of foreign governments.

Uganda’s proposed legislation would intensify and legalize the existing brutality and persecution of its LGBTQ citizens, including life sentences for the “aggravated homosexuality” of being HIV-positive. All Ugandan citizens would be required to report homosexuals to the police or face three years imprisonment. Any “promotion of homosexuality” would carry a seven-year prison sentence. Only recent international outcries have tamped down, at least for now, provisions for the death penalty for three-time “offenders” and people suffering from AIDS.

The Family’s February 4 National Prayer Breakfast is this organizations only public U.S. event each year. It brings together American elected officials and businessmen, many of whom support the sentiments of legislation’s authors, and their international counterparts. “Homosexuals must forget about human rights!” recently exclaimed Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, a co-author of the bill and member of The Family.

The night before the National Prayer Breakfast, February 3, participate in Full Equality Now DC’s Protest and Rally starting at 5:30 p.m., at one of The Family’s tax-exempt centers at 133 C Street SE in Washington. Stand against the pending anti-LGBTQ legislation in Uganda and in particular The Family’s actions supporting it. While expressing its religious hypocrisy and promulgating repression of homosexuals worldwide, The Family enjoys U.S. tax protections for its numerous properties, including C Street’s low-cost dormitory for Family members such as sex-scandal plagued Nevada Senator John Ensign and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

What: Protest and Rally at The Family’s DC location

When: Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 5:30 p.m.

Where: The “C Street House,” 133 C Street SE, Washington, D.C.

Organized and Sponsored by: Full Equality Now DC

The next morning, February 4, concurrent with The Family’s National Prayer Breakfast and as an alternative to it, engage in the District’s American Prayer Hour, part of a decentralized series of powerful and inspirational events across the country that morning, including Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and Berkley, California.

What: American Prayer Hour/DC

With: D.C. Faith leaders and renowned gospel singer Ray Boltz

When: Thursday, February 4, 10 a.m.

Where: Calvary Baptist Church, 755 8th Street NW

Organized by: Truth Wins Out

Co-Sponsored by: Full Equality Now DC

Most important, stay alert and continue to work to scuttle this legislation in the weeks to come, and stand in solidarity with LGBTQ communities throughout the world, especially Uganda.

Members of The Family include current and past conservative members of the U.S. Congress, and anti-gay lightening rods such as Pastor Rick Warren. Family members and anti-gay extremists in Uganda are working together to craft this life-threatening legislation. The new bill’s chief authors are Family members Minister Buturo and Member of Parliament David Bahati, both of whom have proceeded with the encouragement of Ugandan President and Family member Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Only in response to mounting international pressure, The Family recently “disinvited” David Bahati to the February 4 breakfast, and this pressure must not cease.

Ugandan Martin Ssempa, Family member and vocal fundamentalist pastor, is championing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and has forced LGBTQ citizens and activists into hiding by publishing their names and addresses. Most recently, Ssemba has been organizing a “Kill The Gays” million man march demanding life imprisonment or death for every gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Ugandan.

The Family is based in the U.S. but operates more than 10,000 cells worldwide to promulgate its anti-homosexual agenda, especially in African countries where a fertile bed of homophobia has existed for decades. Although The Family has recently made rather specious statements saying that they are the secret allies of the LGBTQ community, its adherents were instrumental in setting the stage last year for so-called anti-gay experts to travel Uganda to help officials justify the extreme vileness expressed in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

If The Family wants anyone to actually believe that they are advocates for human rights, we must challenge them to now publicly affirm their organization’s support for worldwide LGBTQ equality, less their recent statements again prove that they are the hypocrites and anti-Christian bigots they so obviously appear to be.

President Barack Obama has already condemned the bill but he must do more. President Obama must certainly boycott the Breakfast because of The Family’s support for the Ugandan bill. He should not be seen anywhere near the Ugandan delegation, much less share the dais with any one of them. In the days leading up to February 4, we call on President Obama and each elected U.S. official to come forward publicly to disassociate themselves from The Family and the National Prayer Breakfast and the scheduled Ugandan state delegation.

The Ugandan government has long misspent and wasted millions of dollars of U.S. funding intended for HIV/AIDS prevention and wellness services, and American elected officials have done nothing to make sure our tax dollars aren’t wasted or used to persecute LGBTQ citizens in Uganda or anywhere else.

Should this draconian measure pass, we will join together to call on the U.S. government to explicitly condemn it and to offer asylum to LGBTQ Ugandans, all of who personify the definition of refugees with a “well-founded fear of persecution.”

In the latest issue of The Public Eye, Kapya Kaoma, an Anglican Priest from Zambia nails it, saying, “Ironically enough, although American conservatives repeatedly accuse progressives of being imperialist, it is their dealings with Africa that are extremely imperialistic. Their flow of funds creates a form of clientism, with the expectation that the recipients toe an ideological line.” This sums up the explicit modus operandi characterizing all of The Family’s work.

Washington has one of the highest rate of HIV infection and has seen a meteoric rise in local hate crimes against our LGBTQ citizens, so we, especially, must redouble our efforts, protesting The Family’s actions, squashing Uganda’s pending hateful legislation, and fighting against the repression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people everywhere. It is surely a matter of life and death.

Full Equality Now DC is a grassroots organization dedicated to local and national actions in support of full federal equality for all Americans regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. It was founded by the original DC Host Committee that helped bring a quarter of million people to the October 2009 National Equality March in Washington, DC.

F U L L    E Q U A L I T Y    N O W    D C

More equality activists have expanded membership through weekly meetings where actions are decided through democratic means. Recently these have included a public protest of WMATA bus advertisements that singled out LGBTQ citizens for discrimination, and a series of actions to interfere with the Ugandan politicians forwarding repressive laws that would jail its homosexual citizens.

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Per the AP:

SEATTLE — Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs was paid his customary $1 annual salary in 2009, but Apple’s strength through a rough economic climate returned the value of his personal holdings in the company to pre-meltdown levels.

Jobs does not get a bonus or reimbursement for perks many other CEOs accept, such as personal security, according to a regulatory filing made Wednesday. Apple said it reimbursed Jobs $4,000 for company travel on his $90 million Gulfstream V jet, which he received as a bonus in 1999.

That’s far less than the $871,000 Apple reimbursed Jobs in 2008. The CEO took nearly six months off in 2009 for medical leave, during which time he received a liver transplant. He returned to work at the company’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters part-time at the end of June.

Jobs, 54, holds 5.5 million shares of Apple’s stock. He has not sold any shares since he rejoined the company in 1997, nor has he been awarded any new equity since 2003.

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Alice Unexpected…

Press Release for the second Alice in Wonderland trailer:

Coming to the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™ on March 5, 2010, ALICE IN WONDERLAND is an epic 3D fantasy adventure starring JOHNNY DEPP as the Mad Hatter and MIA WASIKOWSKA as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends:  the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. 

Obviously by the description this is not the same old Alice in Wonderland that was expected. Alice has returned and apparently by the end seems to be a warrior or “champion” as the White Queen (portrayed by Anne Hathaway) refers to her. I personally am a FREAK for all things Alice so this new imagining looks amazing!

As Seen With Child’s Eyes

Published in 1971, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas is a children’s storybook by Russell Hoban that was adapted in 1977 into a television special by Jim Henson with songs by Paul Williams. What is essentially a twist on The Gift of the Magi, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas has been the only enduring Christmas tradition I have had since I was a child. It still has such great depth of meaning to this day, perhaps the older I get the more I can understand the lessons that are being taught. That is, I suppose, the most amusing part…that as we grow older we discount children’s literature but it’s these gems that hold such powerful meaning that more adults would (no doubt) benefit from were they to revisit their childhood favorites.

For those not familiar, Wikipedia provides an excellent synopsis:

Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas was written by Russell Hoban and illustrated by his then-wife, Lillian Hoban, in 1969. The book was published in 1971 by Parents’ Press Magazine. The story tells of Emmet Otter and his Ma, a widow who scrapes by on the small amount of money she gets from doing laundry and that Emmet gets from doing odd jobs around their home of Frogtown Hollow, despite both of them often being cheated, notably by Old Lady Possum and Gretchen Fox, the mayor’s wife. As Christmas approaches, they hear of a talent contest in the nearby town of Waterville, and separately decide to enter to buy nice presents for each other — a nice guitar for Emmet, or a piano for Ma. However, in a twist on The Gift of the Magi, they must sacrifice each other’s livelihood for the talent contest — Ma hocks Emmet’s tools for dress fabric, while Emmet turns Ma’s washtub into a washtub bass for a jug band.

Emmet and Ma each do an excellent job (despite Emmet’s jug band having to frantically change songs after another contestant performs their song, Bar-b-que), only to be defeated at the last minute by a rock and roll band called The Nightmare(most likely due to the nasty Gretchen Fox on the judging committee), which comprises a hoodlum gang from the fairly distant town of River Bottom. However, as Ma and Emmet’s jug band sing a song together on the way home (more accurately, both of their talent show songs together after Ma realized they fit together), they are overheard by Doc Bullfrog, owner of a local restaurant, who hires them to sing for his customers, thus granting them the bigger prize.

News from

In late October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the head of Facebook Platform, Ethan Beard, provided insight into the future of the platform in the company’s inaugural road map address.

Overlooked by almost every marketer, media company and agency were major changes Facebook announced to current pages, used by businesses and organizations worldwide as their primary Facebook presence. The changes significantly affect how brands can leverage Facebook and will break many brands’ Facebook Pages if they do not make significant changes.

While Facebook has not committed to a definitive launch date for these changes, the Facebook developer site provides a rough date of “late 2009 / early 2010” for the changes to go live. I’ve heard that a mid to late January 2010 launch is most likely.

The Boxes Tab and Applications
The most important change to Facebook Pages will be the treatment of how custom content is integrated into brand Pages. Posting content on the Wall of Facebook Pages is a great way to spread a brand message by allowing Fans and others to comment, like and share the content. But many companies need to go further to set up a brand presence and add custom content to the Page to highlight promotions, applications, links and more.

There are currently two ways to integrate this custom content and functionality. The first, and easiest, is through the use of Boxes, which appear on the left-side of the Facebook Page Wall tab and in the Boxes tabs. Under the new design, Boxes and the Boxes tab will be removed and any current content offered in them will disappear immediately upon the new Pages launch.

For example, Michael Jackson and Red Bull’s Facebook Pages below have Boxes tabs with a series of promotions and custom content boxes that will go away in the new design.

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Google Launches Real-Time Search

Google has just launched real-time search, integrated into search results pages. Google real-time search updates as additions are made around the Web. Live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles, and web pages now stream on the result pages for your search. Google real-time search also works on the iPhone and Andriod.

Video demo from Google:

Aiden, Matty, & Ty

Aiden, Matty, & Ty

Aiden & Matty

Aiden & Matty

Aiden & Ty