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Jean-Philippe Delhomme: The Unknown Hipster

Jean-Philippe Delhomme: The Unknown Hipster

The basic construct of your average “Hipster” is one who avoids labels and being labeled. Hipster is a slang term that first appeared in the 1940s, and was revived in the 1990s and 2000s often to describe types of young, recently-settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream  fashion and culture, particularly alternative music, indie rock, independent film.

“Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They’re the people who wear t-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you’ve never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport cowboy hats and berets and think Kanye West stole their sunglasses. Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don’t care.”
— Time, July 2009

Julia Plevin of the Huffington Post argues that the “definition of ‘hipster’ remains opaque to anyone outside this self-proclaiming, highly-selective circle”. She claims that the “whole point of hipsters is that they avoid labels and being labeled. However, they all dress the same and act the same and conform in their non-conformity” to an “iconic carefully created sloppy vintage look”.

Saturday Night Life recently aired a brilliantly scripted and delightfully executed skit that I believe will sum up the “Hipster” quite well. Update City Correspondent Stefon shares his family tourist picks.

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Look out RuPaul, here comes BM

Look out RuPaul, here comes BM

A Drag Performer named “BM” (I’m not even sure where to start on that one) who performed on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent‘ is giving less “Lip sync for your life” and more “Run for your life”! The horse realness is fierce…ferosh even, which quickly turns to nightmarish as she…sings?

“Black nail polish? Swish it up a bit! I wanna see enormous fuchsia rhinestone-studded gay claws so cumbersome you can’t even perform the most basic acts of personal hygiene”

This has to be one of the most brilliant satirical monologues I’ve heard in AGES!

Check this story out of Tampa, Florida from about a queen who decided she REALLY needed those MP3 players from Big Lots…(I guess her demo tape wasn’t accepted for RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Face! Face! I give face, beauty face!

Face! Face! I give face, beauty face!

Tampa, FL – A self employed female impersonator was arrested in Tampa at his home over the weekend after violating probation.

Records in Volusia County show that 24 year-old Charles Thomas was originally arrested by Volusia County deputies on Sept. 29, 2009 after he tried to buy two MP3 players and a T.V. at a Big Lots store near Orange City with a fraudulent check in the amount of $329. Deputies also arrested a co-defendant ,Christopher Hart for giving them a false name.

Court records show that Thomas pled no contest last month to grand theft and possession of an unauthorized ID card and was sentenced to two years probation. On March 19, a warrant was issued charging Thomas with a probation violation.

The question of what makes an individual gay, nature vs. nurture, has finally been answered. The toys we were brought up on did it! Happy Holidays and enjoy!

With over ten years of riotous comedy and song parodies that are not to be compared, drag phenomenon Jackie Beat has been serving it to audiences across the U.S. and Europe to rave reviews. Jackie’s stand-up has been heavily featured across the country with spots on Comedy Central, VH-1 and MTV.

Jackie is no stranger to taking on your favorite Divas either, be it Cher, Mariah, Britney, Madonna and the list goes on each performed flawlessly. Jackie’s repertoire include Broadway productions, cruise ships and lead singer of the electroclash band Dirty Sanchez. Her one-woman show “Jackie Beat Is A Whole Lotta’ Love” ran a record 18 months at NYC’s premiere cabaret, Fez.

For your holiday viewing pleasure Jackie Beat sings her scandalous parody of Santa Baby, in a video by Austin Young!

I can’t say that I know exactly what a “Christmas Pipe” is but I can say this is my newest favorite Christmas song. Performed by the Celtic Woman live from the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland and from their Christmas album “A Christmas Celebration” please enjoy “Christmas Pipes”

If I told you a video of a group of drunk, backwoods, good ol’ boys shooting to death a flat screen television gained more than 350,000 views on YouTube you would probably think I was crazy. Unfortunately, it’s the truth!

The story of the video is fairly straightforward…Man bets Facebook friends if the Saints beat the Redskins then Facebook friends could turn up and and exact their rewards on his TV. The Saints prevailed in overtime and as quickly as you can say “Yee Haw” the friends arrived with guns (and a considerable amount of beer) in hand then the whole execution was uploaded to YouTube.

So here it is…

You know it’s a good day when you wake up with the sun shining and Kelly Rowland blazing through your head with “When Love Takes Over” first thing! There will be more to come later but I will say this is one of those songs that always filled me with such a sense of complete joy. I had felt for so long life threw a curve ball at me but it was really a boomerang all along and it’s on the return trip!

Being an iPhone phreak and fan of Gizmodo, I came across a helpful little flowchart by Shane Snow. The article is titled “A Romance Flowchart: When is it Inappropriate to Use Your iPhone?

Does your significant other always yell at you for busting out your smartphone too much when you’re together? Follow this flowchart to determine if now really is a good time to fire that brick up:

Based in New York City, Shane Snow is a graduate student in Digital Media at Columbia University and founder of He’s fascinated with all things geeky, particularly social media and shiny gadgets he’ll never afford.